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Lift passes, Ski Hire and Lessons can all be obtained from the various SkiStar outlets once you arrive in resort.

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Key Facts about Åre, Sweden


Åre is located in the Åre Municipality in Sweden, around 350km below the arctic circle. The nearest international airport is in Östersund 80km to the east of Åre. More information on the location of Åre, Sweden can be found on our getting to Are page.


The accommodation in Åre Sweden comprises mainly of hotels and self catering apartments, which are spread right across the resort from Duved to Åre Björnen. If you are looking for an action packed holiday in Åre, Sweden with plenty of shops, restaurants and nightlife on hand then the centre of the resort is the best place to base yourself. For families looking for a quieter holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the main resort look at Duved, Tegefjäll & Åre Björnen. A list of hotels and apartments in Åre ski resort can be found on our accommodation page.


The Currency in Sweden is the Swedish Krona (SEK), Euros are not generally accepted so it is advisable to get some money changed before you arrive in the resort. Cash machines can be found in various locations around Åre and credit/debit cards are widely accepted in shops and restaurants.


The nightlife in Åre can be a little on the expensive side due to high alcohol taxes and ski resort prices. Most of the shops, restaurants, bars and night clubs are located in Åre Village at the centre of the resort. Nightlife in the other centres tends to consist only of hotel bars and restaurants.

There is a night bus that connects Björnen, Duved & Tegefjäll to Åre Village making it possible to go for a night out in the lively centre. The buses tend to finish at around 9 or 10pm after that taxis are available but can be expensive, if you need to keep your costs down it pays to check your bus timetable or share a taxi with friends.


The emergency services number in Sweden is 112, this covers ambulance, fire and police departments. General health care services in Sweden are chargeable and are run from hospitals rather than GP surgeries. If you need to see a doctor during your stay in Sweden it is worth approaching your hotel or local tour guide representative first as there are usually local on call doctors that can come out to you. It is important to have your passport and EHIC card with you for any healthcare requirements in Sweden. If you do not have a hotel or tour guide contact you can ring Åre HealthCare Center between the hours of 8am & 5pm for advice on +46 (0) 647-166 00 or +46 (0) 647-166 10. Ski patrol are available for any accidents on the slopes, if you are involved in an accident you must stop to give your details.

Skiing in Scandinavia

Scandinavia's ski resorts are among the best in Europe with long snow sure seasons generally running from November through to May. The altitude of Scandinavian ski resorts tends to be much lower than the resorts in Southern Europe, however the northerly position of these ski resorts ensures that there is plenty of snow for the season.

The pistes in Scandinavian ski resorts are coloured the same as in the rest of Europe with Green and blue being the easiest, red is intermediate and black is advanced. The resorts have similar facilities to the rest of Europe with on slope cafes, restaurants and bars as well as some very well maintained lift systems. Skiing in Scandinavia is world class and many of the resorts including Are in Sweden have world cup runs and regular competitions throughout the season.

As with all ski resorts it is important to adhere to the code of conduct in the resort and put safety first. It is generally the responsibility of the person further up the slope to insure the safety of those below however everyone on the slope should be aware of the local rules regarding equipment, speed & area restrictions, avalanche risks and accident regulations. These are things that will vary from resort to resort and may change over time so make sure you check them when you first arrive. This information can be found from any Skistar shop in Are.

Working at Are Ski Resort

If you would like a job at Are Ski Resort either on the slopes or in one of the many other supporting jobs in resort run hotels and hire shops you can apply here. Skistar recruit staff for the winter season during the month of August only and require all applicants to be competent in the Swedish language.